Moonlight Tales

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Throughout time — by drawings in caves, storytelling, books or movie screens and smartphones — humanity recognizes, teaches, inspires, ponders and is transformed by the stories it creates and tells. Under the moonlight, in a playful and cozy mood in the outdoors, Moonlight Tales brings moments of entertainment and reflection through the art of storytelling in two consecutive evenings, each with a unique program of traditional folk tales suitable for an adult audience. The first evening’s program includes “The Man Who Never Laughed”; and the second evening’s program includes “The Fisherman” and “Not Even God is Ripe Enough to Catch a Woman in Love”.

Understanding that actively involving a community in the creation and production of its artistic and theatrical endeavors produces a more sensitive, creative and empathic community, in this show Coletiva Teatro invites the community to contribute to its cozy and intimate atmosphere by bringing and sharing drinks and snacks prior to the show.

Moonlight Tales’ 1st edition premiered at Cultural Center of the Bank of Brazil (CCBB) - Brasília from May 4th until June 9th of 2019, on Saturdays and Sundays, at 6h30 pm, with the support of CCBB, Yes Idiomas Asa Norte, J Carril Arquitetura and Campelo Bezerra Advogados Associados. In this edition we are proud to say that Coletiva Teatro’s invitation to the community for the donation of tea cups and wine glasses for the event was met with equal enthusiasm.

Production Credits

Conception and Realization: Coletiva Teatro
General Director and Supervisor: Nitza Tenenblat
Actor and Storyteller: Jorge Marinho
Assistant Director: Pedro Lopesi
Actor-Training: Nei Cirqueira
Vocal Coach: Tiago Mundim
Light Design: Higor Filipe
Composition, Foley Artist and Audio Engineer: Glauco Maciel
Set Design: Roberto Carril
Film, Photography and Video Editing: Carol Resende
Graphic Design and Media Assistant: Ana Paula de Sá
Graphic Design Assistance: Thiago Sabino
Production Assistance: Marianne Marinho
Production and Press Agency: Jorge Marinho Produções
Support: Cultural Center of the Bank of Brazil, CEN-University of Brasília, UnB/DEX/DPI, FAP-DF, Yes Idiomas Asa Norte, J Carril Arquitetura and Campelo Bezerra Advogados Associados

Laboratório Criação em Coletivo para a Cena
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro (UnB), Brasília - DF
Copyright © Coletiva Teatro. Todos os direitos reservados.