The Love I Live In

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This play is about one’s meeting with the soul in times of liquid modernity. Inspired by the writings of José Saramago, Arthur Schopenhauer, Zygmunt Bauman, Michael A. Singer and Luiz Felipe Pondé, the Coletiva Teatro invites a coffee-addict doorman, a stubborn gravedigger, a kind old lady and a girl madly in love to entangle themselves to the actors on stage and their comings and goings in love. In an attempt to clarify their souls before love, the Coletiva ventures out to answer: what is the love I inhabit? Is it time to love? O Amor que Habito (The Love I Inhabit) marks the premiere of Coletiva Teatro with an original work conceived as a collective, with debut in April 2018 at Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil.

Production Credits

Written text and Production: Coletiva Teatro
General Director: Nitza Tenenblat
Performer Preparation: Nei Cirqueira
Performers: Jorge Marinho, Nei Cirqueira e Pedro Lopesi
Art Direction and Video Mapping: Thiago Sabino
Art Direction Assistance: Fábio Rosemberg
Teasers: Matheus Serafim
Production Assistance and Graphic Design: Ana Sofia Macassi
Light Designer: Higor Filipe
Musical Direction, Original Soundtrack Composition and Guitar: Lucas de Campos
Piano: Guilherme Carvalho
Percussion: Matheus Ramos
Audio Engineer: Glauco Maciel
Seamstress: Tânia Alves
Press Office: Jorge Marinho
Support: CEN - UnB, UnB/DEX/DPI and FAP - DF
Play duration: 90 minutes
Parental Rating: PG-13

Laboratório Criação em Coletivo para a Cena
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro (UnB), Brasília - DF
Copyright © Coletiva Teatro. Todos os direitos reservados.