Nei Cirqueira

Born in Brasília, Nei Cirqueira is an actor, performer, director and teacher. He’s currently pursuing his Master's degree at the Theatre Arts Department at University of Brasília (UnB), the same institution in which he was granted a Theatre Arts degree (2008).

He has a specialisation in Theater Directing from Faculdade de Artes Dulcina de Moraes - FADM (2018). He’s one of the founding members of Coletiva Teatro (2015) and Teatro do Concreto (2003), groups in which he’s had the opportunity to investigate the meanderings of collective theater-making. Among his topics of interest, we can highlight theatre pedagogy, the public as an agent composer of the scene, genetic editing/process criticism and drama, performative theatre, the actor's dramaturgy and social action.

Laboratório Criação em Coletivo para a Cena
Campus Universitário Darcy Ribeiro (UnB), Brasília - DF
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