How to tell a tale with a camera?

Home video storytelling from a video craftsmanship perspective.
Online course for those looking to develop more intimacy, skills, and creativity with their camera for the sake of their video productions.
The course consists of 2 hour meetings each week for 5 weeks | Via Zoom
Limited vacancies.
Production: Jorge Marinho Produções and Coletiva Teatro

This is a course aimed at people looking to develop more skills, creativity and intimacy with their camera for the sake of their artistic and/or technical video productions. This online workshop proposes exercises to discover new possibilities, playfulness, paths and creative experimentations for a video craftsmanship work with the camera, and not merely for it.

Thus, we will work with our potentialities and challenges already pursued in the act of storytelling and oral expression/communication in face-to-face situations, but now reinterpreted for a home video narrative - produced with the resources we already have available at home. We will also collectively learn a brief conceptual repertoire that will help us in our future video productions. So, no new equipment or prior knowledge of editing or audiovisual is required, just a camera (preferably a cell phone) that you think has good quality for capturing image and sound. And, of course, be willing to experiment and play, to do practical exercises at home over the weeks, to learn to see yourself on the screen, and to find beauty and nourishment in your personal and unique way of communicating through a video screen.

At the end of the course, each participating artisan or craftsperson will also have developed a video of their own telling a story, text or poem with the camera.

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Participants' Testimonials

"How wonderful! They laughed and were totally into the stories. You really made good use of the camera. Working with it and not for it. Noted."
Lya Astrid, photographer
"All this thanks to this new way of looking at the camera. The impression I have after the course is that you have taken the mask off a monster and I am beginning to grow fond of it..."
Hozana Costa, teacher and writer
"It's a challenging and liberating experience! ❤️ I have freed myself from a lot of things, among them, the shame of recording any video."
Fabíola Saraiva, teacher

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